SureCraft Plastics Ltd. respects your privacy. As a customer (or potential customer) of SureCraft Plastics, you should be aware that this privacy policy has been constructed to provide you with all the safeguards included in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2001(“the Act”).

This includes the following provisions:

  1. Any personal information you provide to SureCraft Plastics Ltd., by any means (on paper, via email, verbally, electronically via the SureCraft Plastics web site, etc.) will be not be sold to others, nor shared with others. Furthermore, this personal information will only be used as outlined below.
  2. SureCraft Plastics Ltd. will take all reasonable precautions to protect your information from access by third parties. This includes, but is not limited to: secure physical and logical storage of information, encryption of sensitive, transmitted information, and full disclosure of how your information will be used [through this privacy policy].
  3. Mr. Larry Durant, Operations Manager of SureCraft Plastics Ltd., is designated as the Chief Privacy Compliance Officer – and is accountable for SureCraft Plastics’ compliance with the Privacy Act. This includes ensuring that all employees and contractors working for SureCraft Plastics Ltd. are made aware of their responsibilities under this privacy policy, and under the provisions of the Act.
  4. SureCraft Plastics Ltd. only collects personal information to communicate with customers and potential customers; and for carrying out normal business functions (such as billing for products and collecting payments from customers).
  5. Information collected on the Website – via the Registration process, is used for: sharing product information, disclosing pricing, providing technical tips, and alerting customers to new products and promotions. In this regard, the required fields for the registration process include: email address (in order to confirm registration, and send future messages), first and last name of the individual (which will be used as the buyer and / or contact name in setting up the customer’s file), state / province and country – so that the correct pricing information (Canadian or U.S.) will be returned to customers and prospective customers, and a password(chosen by the customer) which is used to login to the website. The required fields represent all the information that is required for a prospective customer. Remaining fields (address, postal code, telephone, etc.) are required once a prospective customer becomes a customer. These additional fields (and others that may or may not be collected via the website) are required in order to establish a complete customer file.
  6. It should also be noted that customers may update their information using the provided (electronic) mechanism at any time.
  7. On written request, SureCraft Plastics Ltd. will remove the customer or prospective customer’s email address from all email lists used for promotional purposes.
  8. SureCraft Plastics Ltd. may disclose your personal information for: the purpose of collecting a debt owed by you to SureCraft Plastics Ltd., and when required by law (e.g., to facilitate a lawful investigation – but only upon presentation of suitable legal documents).
  9. As a general principle, SureCraft Plastics Ltd. will always seek your consent for any new use and / or new disclosure of your personal information.
  10. SureCraft Plastics Ltd. also reserves the right to modify this policy without notice.
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