It is the policy of SureCraft Plastics Ltd corporately and its employees individually to strive, to the best of our collective abilities , to keep our valued customers fully satisfied by designing and fabricating quality products that function as required and are offered in a professional manner at competitive pricing.


All our products are guaranteed against defects in both workmanship and/or material(s) for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of purchase as shown on the purchase invoice.

SureCraft Plastics Ltd will assume no liability for defects or damage caused by improper installation, modification in any manner, abuse or misuse including the use of the product in a manner not conforming to its intended operation/function.

Cancellation of an order (prior to shipment)

SureCraft Plastics Ltd must receive in writing the request to cancel the item(s) that constitute an order in writing or a portion thereof. If the order is comprised of stock items as shown on our website, a full refund on a credit card purchase will be issued. If the order is comprised of a custom item(s) and the design and fabrication of the items of the order has commenced, there will be an assessment performed by SureCraft Plastics Ltd of the value of the material and labour already involved in the fulfillment of the order to determine the value of the work and materials already invested and calculate the amount that is to be refunded.


We make every effort to meet our own high standards for quality products, accurately and truthfully presented and reliable packaged for shipping. If you should experience a problem with an order, have a question or a concern, please contact us immediately by phone 1-800-376-2194 or by e-mail at

Merchandise that is deemed to be returnable must be fully compliant with all conditions laid out in our 60-day warranty policy and must conform to the following return conditions:

  • We are first notified of the problem by telephone at 1-800-376-2194 or by e-mail at within the 60 day time limit set out in the Warranty Policy. If an order or a part of an order is to be return shipped a Return Authorization Number will be issued and must accompany the returned item(s).
  • The product must be in new, suitable for resale condition
  • The product must be in the original packaging
  • The product must be accompanied by the original packing slip or invoice

This warranty does not cover any defects or additional costs incurred but the customer that is caused by:

  •  any modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by any individual(s) or companies other than SureCraft Plastics Ltd or it’s designate.  Non compliance will render the warranty null and void
  •  any physical abuse or misuse of the product accidental or intentional
  •  any use of the product other than that for which it is intended
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