Custom Fabrication Services To Universities

(fabrication service to University – Environmental – Medical Research Labratories)

If you require the fabrication of custom testing apparatus/equipment that can be made from the amazing engineered plastics available today, give us a call. We’ll contribute our knowledge of the materials along with our capability to machine, bond, thermoform, and weld them. If necessary we’ll also supply input into the design and then provide you with a no cost quote to fabricate.

We have recently collaborated in the design/fabrication of:

  • specialized biological exposure chambers for aquatic toxicity monitoring
  • custom electro-chambers to measure behavioral response to toxicities
  • apparatus to measure ‘dynamic drainage’ for pulp slurry testing

    as well as: 

    • custom conditioning baths
    • dry fluids lab test tunnel
    • drying and storage apparatus racks and organizers
    • custom bio shields

"your ideas into plastic . . . let’s talk".
If you have questions about plastics or would like to learn more regarding our custom fabrication service please contact us: by telephone at 1-800-376-2194, by fax at 1-807-473-8483 or by e-mail at

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