Permanent Sneeze Guards

Each installation is unique in size, style and materials.

Please call us to discuss the installation that will best meet
all your requirements.

We welcome an opportunity to work together on your project.

Once all details have been considered and your needs are met we’ll put together a no cost estimate to supply.

Category: Health & Safety

Cleaning tips:
The best method to keep your sneeze guard clean and ‘looking like new’, is to clean it when necessary with a dilute solution of liquid dish soap (e.g. ‘Dawn’, 1:50 in cold water). Ammonia based cleaners are not recommended.
Using a spray applicator apply a thin film of the soapy solution, gently wipe with a damp cloth and follow up with a dry cloth.
Always with a slow circular motion so as to generate as little static electricity as possible.
Only use ‘100% cotton’ cloths (an old ‘T’ shirt) applying as little pressure as required.

Paper toweling (after all, they’re wood) and ‘plastic’ cloths (e.g polyester, nylon, rayon etc.) should be avoided.

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