Portable Sneeze Guards

Starting at $265.45Our portable Covid-19 sneeze guards are made of a 4.5 mm thick clear rugged polymer. The full width base provides stability.
 They’re easily moved from place to place when used as a portable unit or the full width base provides a convenient way to permanently mount them.
 All feature a 5” high X 12” wide pass through and a voice portal with droplet cover.

They’re a full 36” high and available in three widths:

24” order # C19S-24 $265.45

36” order # C19S-36 $367.50

48” order # C19S-48 $494.75

Category: Health & Safety


Cleaning tips:
The best method to keep your sneeze guard clean and ‘looking like new’, is to clean it when necessary with a dilute solution of liquid dish soap (e.g. ‘Dawn’, 1:50 in cold water). Ammonia based cleaners are not recommended.

Using a spray applicator apply a thin film of the soapy solution, gently wipe with a damp cloth and follow up with a dry cloth.

Always with a slow circular motion so as to generate as little static electricity as possible.

Only u se ‘100% cotton’ cloths (an old ‘T’ shirt) applying as little pressure as required.

Paper toweling (after all, they’re wood) and ‘plastic’ cloths (e.g polyester, nylon, rayon etc.) should be avoided.

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