Office Divider Covid-19 Sneeze Guards



Starting at $189.00
(volume discounts may apply)
These attractive Covid-19 sneeze guards are made of tough
6 mm (1/4”) thick clear rugged acrylic. For safety all edges are
machined smooth and corners rounded. They come ready to
install, just slide them down into place along the top of the
divider. No tools or special training required.Standard sizes:24” high X 24” wide order # DSG-2424 $189.00
24” high X 32” wide order # DSG-2432 $244.55
24” high X 48” wide order # DSG-2448 $292.20
(Volume discounts may apply)Category: Health & Safety
Cleaning tips:
The best method to keep your sneeze guard clean and ‘looking like new’, is to clean it when necessary with a dilute solution of liquid dish soap (e.g. ‘Dawn’, 1:50 in cold water). Ammonia based cleaners are not recommended.Using a spray applicator apply a thin film of the soapy solution, gently wipe with a damp cloth and follow up with a dry cloth.Always with a slow circular motion so as to generate as little static electricity as possible.Only use ‘100% cotton’ cloths (an old ‘T’ shirt) applying as little pressure as required.Paper toweling (after all, they’re wood) and ‘plastic’ cloths (e.g polyester, nylon, rayon etc.) should be avoided.
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